Keto Berry Berries Cheesecake

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Heal Berry Berries Protein Shake cheese mousse, Heal Fruity Raspberry Breakfast Protein Bar Base, Vanilla Mascarpone cream, Raspberry jelly.

Combining Heal Berry Berries Whey Protein Shake Powder & Bar into a form of Cheesecake to bring you our first fruit-base keto cake that’s sugarless & gluten free. 

The cheese mousse is a vibrant celebration of berry flavors, creating a creamy blend that’s both refreshing and rich. Beneath, a foundation of the Heal Fruity Raspberry Breakfast Protein Bar Base provides a delightful crunch, offering a satisfying contrast to the smooth mousse above. Top with a velvety Vanilla Mascarpone Cream and tart Raspberry Jelly, each bite weaves together a berry fresh goodness.

Sugar Lab Test Result per 100gm (Refer image to more info)
Sucrose – Non Detected
Fructose – Non Detected
Glucose – Non Detected
Galactose – Non Detected
Maltose – Non Detected
Lactose – 2.25 gm

Might contain some natural sugar in berries.
Flour free and no sugar added

All made with Keto friendly ingredients such as, Soy product, Allulose, Dairy, Almond, Cream, Egg, Whey Protein, Inulin, etc.

Comes inclusive with:
– 1 knife
– 1 firework candle
– 1 big candle


-Dry Ice Provided
-Only add this if you are bringing the cake somewhere far for up to 2 hours
-Colour / Design might change depending on stock availability


-Add this with ice bag if you are bringing the cake somewhere far for up to 3 hours


When 1 is not enough, glorify your picture and video with its effect


Acrylic Cake Topper with Happy Birthday wording

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